A maker needs visions . Otherwise it won't work.
Or just a little better, but not good enough.
What is a vision?
Many believe that people with visions need to see a doctor.
For me a vision is not an appearance, nothing mystical or unusual, but a preoccupation with the future.
For me, vision means:
Imagination, design , commitment .
The time has come for Makers to turn ideas into action!


Both in Europe and in Silicon Valley, 42Angelitos supports entrepreneurs at an early stage in founding their startups and bringing their products to market


My lectures

I've given a lot of lectures in my life. I share a few of them on Slideshare.


Buchbeitrag "Erfolgsgründer"

Im Buchbeitrag 2013 heisst es u.a. über mich:

"Meine unbändige Neugierde und Tatendrang etwas umzusetzen führte für mich automatisch zum Entrepreneur." - Das stimmt!

DUK Logo.png

Advisory board at Donau Uni Krems

I have been teaching at Danube University Krems since 1999 and have been a member of the advisory board since 2017
"Professional MSc Management and IT".


Buch "Liebesrauschend"

This is our second book. How well-tried are the texts from me and the pictures from my partner Renate Schwaiger.


Buch "MeerDeutig"

I launched my first book with my partner Renate Schwaiger.

The texts are from me, the photos from her.


University Orchestra Linz

The university orchestra celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019. I played for about 30 years and still play with my double bass.


Kepler wind orchestra

This has been a new experience for me since 2017. I play with the amplified double bass in this wind orchestra. The program ranges from classic marches to film music.


Linz Chamber Orchestra

The challenge in the Linz Chamber Orchestra is the very small cast. I play the double bass here alone.

2017-10-30 11.42.36.jpg

Choral society LaMusica Tulln

I haven't sung since my high school and started again in 2017. A lot of fun!



With this band we play swing and dance music mainly in Upper Austria, but also further afield!



Structures behind content change.

Only those who understand this will understand disruption, innovation, digitization and the change that occurs in all areas of life.


Barriers, Borders, Walls

There are obstacles everywhere.

In your head and actually.

From nature and from people.

I take photos, write and paint
Barriers. Borders. Walls.


Instagram Double Exposures

I like to take pictures and fade photos. I share the resulting small works of art on Instagram.


European jazz and pop orchestra

In 2018 I played in this great orchestra. Many young musicians from Europe play film music and even music from computer games.


My library

I read a lot and decided years ago to share my library - both the physical books and my Kindle books - on Goodreads.

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