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In the course of my life I have of course learned a lot and have done a lot wrong.

But there is a common thread:

I stayed curious like a little child.

I always want to discover and try new things.

I want to do interesting things with interesting people and help make the world a little better.


Due to the intensive occupation with innovations and everything that has to do with the Internet, I am able to help implement visions while remaining authentic.


I spoke of holism when few people knew the term. Many have pushed me into an esoteric corner.

But I think that many achievements only work when people want and can, the organization is designed accordingly and the technology then supports this as best as possible.


I am a networker because I am interested in people.


I don't like energy thieves and time robbers and I don't like people who keep saying how it doesn't work .


I love diversity on an equal footing .

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