I am happy to hold keynotes , lectures and workshops and moderate discussions .

Topics are innovation and the future, and everything that changes with it.

There are also interviews .

Here is an excerpt.

Keynote at Latoken VC TV


7. Juli 2020



Chris Leeb_Keynote.png

I got the chance to talk about "#patternshift" - I strongly believe that we all have to change our patterns how we think and act to make the world a better place.

The keynote has been recorded.

Podcast with Florian Kandler

September 9, 2019




Florian Kandler has the podcast "Founders and Detonators". In Episoode 42 + 1, i.e. 43, we discuss, among other things, my favorite topics of founding startups in the world where the market is ripe and not in the place where you were born by chance and that you can find people who want to spoil the startup idea, have to click away - physically too.

Thank you, Florian!

Keynote #patternshift

4th July 2019

Munich, Germany

commendIT annual meeting


Many companies, markets and systems have become greedy. They demand more and more efficiency and speed in old structures at the expense of quality of life and sustainability. Money is all that matters. Senseless learning of things that nobody needs in the school system, the first burnout at 32, salary as a combination of silence and compensation for pain and suffering from the first rung of the career ladder in rigid hierarchies, leisure and vacation stress, defending positions and power, convulsive Adhering to laws and rules that want to prevent progress and innovations. And then comes the fear: fear of change, of failure, of losing face, of losing a job. Existential fear.

A few do it differently. They are as curious as children, start fearlessly into the unknown, innovate, bring new products and services onto the market and turn entire ecosystems upside down with their startups. They want to help improve the world and have visions with which they would be sent to the doctor in some countries. Initially ignored, then ridiculed, and - when it is too late - fought, they are still more and more, find more and more followers, supporters and customers, especially among young people, and are on the verge of revising our entire life and work at an accelerated pace to organize. Much of the existing is no longer being improved, but replaced by something new.

primeCROWD Fight Night #1

April 25, 2019

Vienna, Austria



I am one of the "fighters" who fight fierce words around the startup scene in the ring! Afterwards there will be enough time to get to know exciting people from the primeCROWD network while networking.

"2 minutes 2 million" startup coach Florian Kandler dares to take on the role of referee and intervenes if necessary before a verbal knock-out occurs.

Interview by Tatjana Lackner

in March 2019

Vienna, Austria


Tatjana Lackner.jpeg

Tatjana asks me under the title: "Are Facebook, Alexa and Co a danger?". But our conversation touched on many exciting topics - I think.

It's about disruption, innovation, about learning, about the next generations, about fear and shaping the future.

Was a lot of fun!

Jury member at

Blockchain Summit

November 25, 2018

Berlin, Germany

Blockchain Startups Summit

EU startups


Blockchain has become one of my focuses and as a juror you get to see the best of the startups. It's really interesting to see what ideas have been implemented here!

Interview by Ricky Singh

September 27, 2018

via mail and Skype

The Startup Growth


Ricky is Founder and Editor of The Startup Growth, a blog focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders. "We speak to leaders in different industries to learn about their challenges and success stories. What the readers get out of it are lessons that they can apply to their journey."

Living and Working 2030 -

An anticipation

29th August 2018

Krems / Austria

Summer school

Danube University Krems

DUK Logo.png

On this day at Danube University Krems we accompany a fictional day of the fictional couple Lea and Leo. Born around the turn of the millennium, they grew up with the Internet and smartphones, are self-confident, self-determined, dynamic and enjoy life. Much of the structures and systems that seem important to us today and that we defend will be viewed very differently in 2030; many of our current terms have different or no meaning at all for them. Of course, they use the advancement of technology, they are fearless, globally networked and pursue their dreams and visions, are creative, socially committed and surrounded by artificial intelligence, robots, drones and smart things, but above all by other smart people.

Together with Lea and Leo, we look at the topics of health, food and drink, the environment, energy, mobility, infrastructure, security, education, living, business, art and culture. It is hardly about extrapolating what already exists into the future, but rather about drawing on science fiction, because science fiction of the past is science fact today.

Mentoring and jury member at

Global Meetup 2018

May 30th to June 1st 2018

Cascais / Portugal

Get In The Ring Global Meetup


The GetInTheRing Global Meetup took place in Cascais, Portugal from May 30th to June 1st.

Startups, mentors and investors met and worked on different topics of the startups.

As a member of the jury, I helped to choose the winners.

The fun was not neglected either. Many good discussions and an expansion of the network were the result.

Corporates & Startups:

Culture Clash or Success Story?

May 24, 2018

Schladming / Austria

ÖPWZ - annual congress

Purchasing & Supply Management

  • Mastering the culture clash

  • Bimodal worlds and how they best work together

  • Integrate impulses into daily business

Utopia or a conceivable scenario?

June 25, 2017

Prein an der Rax / Austria



of the hairdressers in
Lower Austria

“The year is 2030. But I rarely have to change my location for a meeting. I am therefore ordering a driverless vehicle with a swipe from the hologram that I created in my room. Because the calculated travel time is long enough and my hair has already exceeded the length specified by me and stored in my online profile, I am offered a vehicle that also does the haircut for a small additional fee. In the vehicle itself I lean back and relax in the structure-borne sound armchair and while I relax, small drones fly around my head and start washing, massaging, combing and cutting. I saved the exact look in my personality profile using augmented reality and optimized it by interviewing my friends. I don't see any reason to change my hairstyle yet, but this time I decide to have my three-day beard shaved off. "

What is Innovation?

19th June 2017

Vienna, Austria

ISPIM conference

2017 ISPIM.png

Many people are talking about innovation, but almost all of them think that innovation is just the same, but better, higher, faster. But it is about the patterns behind that are changing. We have to understand the #patternshift.

new work in a new world

4th May 2017

Heiligenkreuz Abbey / Austria


Chamber of Commerce of
Lower Austria

It's the new patterns, not the new content, that need to be understood!

No stone is left unturned. New technologies enable completely new life and work.

The lecture is a flurry of flashes of examples and encourages us to deal with the new challenges.

Corporates and startups

March 30, 2017

Vienna, Austria

Confare CIO Summit

2017 BeCIO.png
Corporates and startups would complement each other very well, but usually don't make it.

Corporates have almost everything that startups want. People, rooms, customers, processes, tools, money, and often also time.

Startups have innovations and entrepreneurship for this.

An ideal addition. So you take rooms, a few people and money from the corporation, get yourself a competition or something else like a few startups, teach them corporate structures and try to learn from them.

It is obvious that this is not possible and that many companies are already starting to close their startup zoos again, if you come from the startup world like me and at the same time, as a former CIO of VA TECH AG, you also know the corporates.

How you can do it better is no longer so easy. My talk at the 10th CIO Summit is about this and other ideas.

The new world of work

August 24th and 25th, 2016

Krems / Austria

Summer school

Danube University Krems

Work as we know it today will change dramatically in the next decade.

The places and times of service provision are decoupled from this, the decision whether to work or not is transferred from time control systems and permanent workplaces of the company to the decision of each individual. The categorization as employer and employee disappears and will soon only be found in historical explanatory texts. Classic forms of work such as being employed with time compensation and vacation regulations are becoming obsolete.
Many activities are being replaced by robots and drones. The upheavals in entire industries such as 3D printing and augmented reality, big data and new algorithms mean that even highly developed jobs are being replaced by machines on a massive scale.
Work is not remunerated based on duration, but based on its contribution to value. Work that does not add value will be swept from the market, even if existing laws and systems will try to delay this as long as possible.
In the future, it will be essential to integrate quickly into multicultural, existing or newly formed teams that operate across different time zones and to immediately understand and at the same time shape the DNA of the group. The mastery of communication and collaboration tools takes a back seat as a matter of course.
The generation that grew up with smartphones and computer games, who achieved their goals as “makers” collaboratively at an early stage, will naturally take on tasks independently. And they will have no mercy on all the people who have not changed in time.

Are we oversleeping the future?

January 19, 2015


Chamber of Commerce

WK Stmk.jpg
Why Facebook, Google and Co. could also be from Austria and why that is actually not the case.

If you think about Facebook, Google and Co. with us, one thing usually comes to mind: Silicon Valley. Because that is where these startups were founded and have achieved incredible success. But why don't these ideas come from Austria? Are we oversleeping the future? Experts answered these questions on January 19, 2015 as part of the "UBIT on Tour" series of events.

The makers are coming!

15th October 2014

Vienna, Austria

WKO Sky Lounge


“Let's be makers! Let's implement our most unusual ideas and create things that have never been there before! "

Christian H. Leeb used the last Marketing Club evening to get more people excited about the maker scene, which will continue to shake up business and society in the future.

After the presentation by Portfolio Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Developer and Startup Expert, one thing is clear: the current maker movement goes far beyond the dusty hobbyist group existence. Today's makers organize themselves. They collaborate, invest, develop and tinker, share their ideas as well as their belongings and thereby change our world to a certain extent. There are enough successful examples. Not infrequently, a small DIY garage concept has managed to become a multinational company.
And in order to encourage even more rethinking and action, Leeb said goodbye at the end of his lecture with the following memorable words: “All people are born unique. But unfortunately most of them die as a bad copy of their last job description. "


Interview with AustrianEntrepreneurs

ca 2013

Vienna, Austria


AustrianStartups Leeb.png

During my own research in 2019, I rediscovered this interview. To be honest, I can't remember exactly when it came about. A lot has continued in Austria, but the world around Austria has not stood still either. I will continue to underline many of the statements I made back then in 2019.

Interview with AustrianEntrepreneurs

ca 2012

Vienna, Austria


Christian H. Leeb 06.jpg

I also discovered this post during my own research in 2019. I think about the risk and financing of startups.

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